Friday, March 11, 2011

Albuquerque Police can lick my nuts!

So my wife, a friend, and I all drove 3 hours to Albuquerque yesterday to go see ABK at the Orchid Chamber.  We got there at like 5:30 and had to wait for an hour until the doors opened.  I was almost in the door and I see these guys ride up on bicycles, so I look over and notice a badge sewn onto their shirts.  I keep looking to find out if they are rent-a-cops or the real deal.  Well apparently I offended said cop as he stared me down and mean mugged.  Anyway once inside I found Bonez from AMB and starting chatting about what happened on the label.  He informed me it was a mutual decision and Psychopathic is still going to help support them but the label wanted them to stand on their own, so thats cool.  The show starts with a guy named Sikone.  He looked drunk and homeless but the guy could spit.  He did about 15-20 min and I really enjoyed it.  Then a duo came on and did not do so well.  I personally did not enjoy them as much as the first guy.  They finished up and some recorded music came on for what I thought was a short intermission, turns out it was ABK and AMB doing an autograph signing!  So about 30 minutes into that my friend says "yo bro S.W.A.T. is here"  I was like yeah right and he says look.  I look over and like 50 police are in the building!!!  WTF!  So turns out the owner did not get a permit or something, the place violated fire code, there were too many people in the building, etc.  So we are hearing about 9 million reasons why they were shutting the event down and all of them sounded like complete BULLSHIT!  I personally have no love for the Albuquerque police department as of this moment.  Just because we all had the hatchet on we are somehow violating some fucking stupid rules and have to all get removed from a peaceful event.  Now I saw no fights, no tagging, no violence, no drugs, no underage drinking, no violations of code, or anything similar.  So once again we are being singled out and broken up due to our musical preference.  So anyway ABK says Fuck this where is the closest bar cause we will meet all Juggalos 21 and over there to party.  Turns out the bar was right next door.  We ended up at a place call Knuckleheads, cool place, hot waitresses, and cool fucking owners.  We ended up hanging out with ABK, AMB, and all the fam until well past midnight.  ABK was cool as shit, Bonez was the shit, and Otis was the shit until he got drunk and started shit with all of us.  But ABK stepped in like the OG he is and squashed it, like I said he is the shit!  So even though our event was shut down we still found a way as Family to hang and be together.  First for me as far as the police go but fun all around.  Oh and just for good measure my friend started his car as the police were kicking everyone out rolled his windows down and bumped "Fuck the Police" by N.W.A. take that motherfuckers! 


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